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Louis XVI once had a garden here, and it is said that the country’s first Lombardy popular trees were introduced into this garden by Andre Michaux, the king’s official botanist. At the eastern end of the township is North Hudson Park, a 167-acre county park. Part of it lies on the Palisades, offering views of the Hudson River and New York City, and a scenic path goes down steps to the river valley. West of the boulevard, the land is more rolling, and the park contains a lake with fishing, boating and skating. Other facilities include a children’s playground, athletic fields, picnic areas and tennis courts. Wandering around in North Bergen, you will come across many interesting buildings: the 1920's electric Embassy Theater or the 19th century Cameron Button factory, now condominiums. Schuetzen Park, now used for banquets and weddings, but once an opera house, and the Fritz Reuther Alenheim, tell us something of North Bergen’s ethnic past.
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